Alberta Education supports students, parents, teachers and administrators from Early Childhood Services (ECS) through Grade 12.

The Ministry has the following responsibilities:

Education is the root of where PathFive began. Our community-driven culture started with our team working shoulder-to-shoulder with educators. And, it’s a culture that has allowed us to deliver simple, targeted solutions.  We’ve built a collection of amazing applications that reduce the communication gap between administration, teachers, students and parents. These tools empower and encourage sharing thoughts, ideas and information.


Since opening our doors in 1988, Image Press has been a community leader in graphic design, printing and copying. We have since added to our list of services, and we continue to excel at our trade. With attentive customer service, discerning designers, and qualify focus press operators, we are confident that we will be you supplier of choice.


Axia FibreNet

For over a decade, we have focused our business on areas where access to high bandwidth fibre infrastructure did not exist. Our success has been our ability to develop networks using the most technologically advanced, expertly engineered fibre technology to provide customers with superior performance and control. We have focused primarily on rural communities to bridge the digital divide by building the most reliable digital infrastructure – resulting in clear economic, communication, and educational benefits in these communities. We have done this for customers in Alberta, Massachusetts, and as far away as France.



As an online school, we believe in access to education for all students. In keeping with this, we provide on-demand, year-round learning opportunities. Currently, one in three schools and one in 11 students in Alberta use our services and access our online and print courses, continuing education and adult upgrading, and enrichment programs.


It is our mission to help Albertans understand the incredible depth and opportunity that agriculture affords. Bringing together some of Alberta’s strongest corporations from various sectors including agri-services, energy, financial, not for profit along with farmers, ranchers and community leaders, Ag for Life is dedicated to delivering educational programming that will serve to improve rural and farm safety and build a genuine understanding and appreciation of the importance agriculture has on lives.


Return to Rural

Return to Rural is a Rural development initiative focused on engaging, attracting and retaining youth, serving the communities of the Special Areas and MD of Acadia No.34 region. Return to Rural has allowed the Alberta Rural Education Symposium to use and share their videos as case studies to build our questions for the Ministers Panel. You can check out their videos here!