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The deadline for submissions has been extended to January 9, 2015.

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"Understanding the Rural Reality: Be Part of the Conversation" 

The 2015 theme - Understanding the Rural Reality: Be Part of the Conversation, examines the social, political, and economic partnerships, supports, practices, and policies that create vibrant, sustainable schools and communities throughout rural Alberta. The symposium will focus on understanding how government, professionals, community members, business, and schools work together for mutually beneficial programs, practices, and opportunities that empower communities and enrich student learning and the quality of their education.

Symposium Goals

  • To articulate and sustain a shared vision for rural communities and their schools.
  • To foster the development of effective social and economic policy that supports a return to rural Alberta, and a reinvestment in rural life.
  • To identify, share, and celebrate the diversity that exists in rural communities and their classrooms.
  • To identify and share promising community and classroom practices.
  • To foster and promote collaboration and partner- ships that support rural schools and their communities.

Sub Themes and Topics: Call for Session Presentations

Rural Learners and Curriculum

  • Education rooted in rural issues, rural challenges and rural opportunities
  • Studies in green technologies, agricultural practices and sustainable rural economic development
  • Relevant learning for FMNI students
  • The role of education in preparing Hutterite youth for Colony living

Understanding Rural Depopulation and Creating a New Imaginary

  • Accounting for rural depopulation, urbanization and the history behind it
  • Innovations in rural economic development
  • Success stories from rural business ventures
  • Rural partnerships that support rural learners and give back to rural communities
  • The Hutterite contribution to rural development
  • Affordable living opportunities for Canada’s Baby Boomers
  • Exemplars in rural community development around the globe

Sustainable Futures for Rural Schools

  • A vision of rural education through video technologies and personalized learning opportunities
  • The role that technology can play in creating vibrant learning conditions for remote rural learners
  • A perspective on providing equitable learning opportunities through sustainable educational practices
  • Sustainable alternatives to closing small schools