Conference Connectors - What are they?

The 2016 Alberta Rural Education Symposium will be teaming up with staff from the Banff Centre for something new and exciting call "Conference Connectors".  These sessions are interactive 90 minutes team building workshops geared towards enhancing the participant experience.  

Questions specific to rural education that will be addressed in these sessions are:

  • What are real life stories of students being uniquely impacted by their rural education experience that tells the story of why we are important?
  • What are our unique challenges?
  • What is our uniqu benefit that we offer students and families with rural education?
  • What are our strengths that we can apply to our challenges?
  • What is it that our communities have to offer that allows for a rich student experience?
  • What do we need to do to innovate effectively?

Four unique connectors have been chosen to address these topics.  They include Visual Insights, Conversation Cafe, (In)Forming Clay and The Creative Lens.

Details on the four connectors can be found on the Sessions page of the website.