Message from Education Minister David Eggen

Education Minister David Eggen

I’m pleased to invite you all to this year’s Alberta Rural Education Symposium held in Edmonton at the Fantasyland Hotel from March 5-7th.

I will be attending the symposium and look forward to exchanging ideas on how to continue to enhance our education system for all students in our province.

The annual symposium provides the opportunity to explore and examine the social, political, and economic supports and policies that create vibrant, sustainable schools and communities throughout rural Alberta.

This year’s theme is “From Ideas to Action…Making Connections.”

I so look forward to joining all of you to discuss how we can best prepare our students for success in a diversified economy and how we can guide them to be positive citizens in their communities.

I look forward to seeing you at the symposium!

Thank-you for your time.

David Eggen
Minister of Education