Save the Date - 2015 Rural Symposium


Planning is already underway for the 2015 Alberta Rural Education Symposium.  The symposium will be taking place once again in Canmore at the beautiful Radisson Hotel.

This year's theme:  “Understanding the Rural Reality:  Be Part of the Conversation”

The symposium is about partnerships among provincial and local government, business, rural communities and educators who are interested in working together to consciously construct a vibrant, sustainable future for rural communities.

For program details and registration information, please visit the website at

A shared vision...

  • To articulate and sustain a shared vision for rural communities and their schools.
  • To foster the development of effective social and economic policy that supports a return to rural Alberta, and a reinvestment in rural life.
  • To identify, share, and celebrate the diversity that exists in rural communities and their classrooms.
  • To identify and share promising community and classroom practices.
  • To foster and promote collaboration and partnerships that support rural schools and their communities.​

The 2015 theme Understanding the Rural Reality: Be Part of the Conversation, examines the social, political, and economic partnerships, supports, practices, and policies that create vibrant, sustainable schools and communities throughout rural Alberta.

The symposium will focus on understanding how government, professionals, community members, business, and schools work together for mutually beneficial programs, practices, and opportunities that empower communities and enrich student learning and  the quality of  their education.